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Robert and Ksenia Wessman, Founders and Owners 

Robert Wessman, an Icelandic businessman, bought Château de Saint-Cernin at the beginning of the 2000s with the ambition to bring it back to its former splendour and to produce world class wines in very select quantities.

His wife, Ksenia Wessman who co-owns the winery, is a knowledgeable taster. She co-manages the business and participates in all the key stages of the life of the vineyard with an important impact on the quality of the wines and their packaging.

They see themselves as guardians and explorers, seeking the unexpected and endeavoring to craft exceptional wines from unique high-potential French terroirs.

James de Roany

CEO and Cellar-master

James de Roany acts as CEO and cellar-master He has significant experience in wine-making, having vinified over 30 vintages in several regions of France. He worked for and has been for many years Chief Export Wine-Trade Advisor to the French government.

Philippe Mathias

Vineyard Manager

Philippe Mathias is the technical and vineyard manager. He has managed vineyards in several regions of France including Burgundy, Languedoc and the South-West.

Michel Rolland


Michel Rolland is undoubtedly the most famous oenologist in the world. He started in Bordeaux where he is still based and oversees vinification on 5 continents with the most prestigious vineyards. He is now solicited everywhere in the world. He is a master in Merlot and Cabernet red grapes vinification and blending.

Philippe Faure-Brac

Best World Sommelier 1992 and Consulting Sommelier

Philippe Faure-Brac was elected Best Sommelier of France in 1988 and Best World Sommelier in 1992. He is the very respected chairman of the French Sommelier Association in France. He helped Maison Wessman blend the 2017 vintage of N°1 Saint-Cernin Red which was nominated Best Vinegrower of the Year in South-West France.

Gerard Basset

Best World Sommelier 2010 and Consulting Sommelier

He was without question one of the greatest wine professionals of a generation. He was the first and only individual to hold the excruciatingly challenging Master of Wine qualification simultaneously with the Master Sommelier and MBA Wine Business accolades. He has helped Maison Wessman blend the 2016 very first vintage of N°1 Saint-Cernin Red.

Andreas Larsson

Best World Sommelier 2007 and Consulting Sommelier

He has a discerning palate and is a passionate wine lover. He is known for his incredible tasting abilities and vast knowledge. He is a highly sought-after taster, speaker and educator within the vast field of gastronomy and wine. He has worked with Maison Wessman in blending the 2018 vintage of N°1 Saint-Cernin Red and 2018 vintage of N°1 Saint-Cernin White.

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